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Empowerment Programme 

Invitation programme for anyone of any age, ability, religion, nationality, gender. 
Face to face empowerment programme in cafe to be seen, heard and valued.
Health and wellbeing empowering programme. Guest speakers come to teach on loneliness prevention/health/wellbeing/signposting/training/harm minimisation/coping with everyday life.
Online empowerment programme through blogs, newsletter  (also in paper format), social media, facebook/insta posts
Giving back programme - some  guests build sub-groups:- walk and talk, lunches, Christmas dinners etc. Some donate time and volunteer to help others, some donate towards the charity, some fund raise, and a lot feel more confident and go quietly and confidently on with post lockdown life.  

Sometimes the chat clubs are so well attended guests can become a bit dependent on the 'Outreach Programme' group support. In this instance we might retract the volunteer and leave the confident guest-base to welcome new guests and run the chat club as a 'Make Your Own' chat group;  or ask guests to  spread out over the cafes so new comers, who are really vulnerable, can come into the  outreaches allocated space into  smaller groups. 

I don't know about you, but big groups where everyone knows everyone can be overwhelming at first.

Updated 8.2.23 A Anderson

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