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Terms and conditions

As a chat club member, I agree to see, hear, value all members, volunteers and staff.  I will safeguard myself and others. If I request it, I consent to giving me personal details for CCL referrals to future training providers . As Chat Cafe Local is a progression outreach programme, I will gladly take part, from loneliness/social isolation to inclusion/to social independence.

Chat Cafe Local has the right to refuse entry to chat clubs.

Chat Café Member guidelines

Do’s and Don'ts At Chat Café we all see, hear and value one another.    

Chat Café Local members are Kind, Courteous and Constructive

We work hard to make it a place where we support and encourage each other with unity and respect. We’ve all been through so much.

We don't talk about people, we talk to them.

Due to some member's vulnerabilities it is essential that members’ identities and comments are kept in confidence. Let's see, hear and value everyone.

No member should share information given in confidence at the group outside of Chat Cafe Locals. Please do not private message anyone unless they have invited you to.

Please do not talk to anyone by phone who says they are from Chat Cafe Local. 

There is a big operation behind the scenes managing this community model and we don’t want it jeopardised so risk-assess new places, people and conversations in your own way; Low Medium or High Risk. Be smiley, be cautious and value yourself and your story. If you don’t want to share any information you don’t have to, just enjoy the company, maybe play the ‘Fusty Rusty Chat game, which I created.  It’ll be scattered on the table at the daily Chat Clubs. 

Everyone in Chat Cafe Local starts with a full tank of trust so no politics please. The rights and wrongs of our personal circumstances are very complex, so let’s just keep our groups fun, friendly, positive and proactive.

A positive group is more effective and helpful for all of us. We have the right to remove anyone who is upsetting others. No backstabbing, bullying, judging, gossiping or hate speech will be tolerated and the perpetrator will be removed.

This group is not a place for discussing the motivations of our governments and world leaders - these are, of course, important issues, but other groups are available. This will be a safe place, where members  speak freely about their circumstances, please honour their trust.

Ideally the group will remain visible and available to anyone seeking support  Chat Cafe Local will not tolerate ulterior motives or hidden agendas.


• To tackle this loneliness and social isolation epidemic, give members a sense of calm and escape from the home.


If you are aggrieved by anything or anybody in the cafe, firstly speak to the owner/ staff. They have all signed up to hear, see and value you too. If it is a Safeguarding or Equal Opportunities issue, please contact me straight away at Anne Anderson Feel confident to title your email ‘complaint’. We pledge to see, hear and value you until this complaint is resolved.

Chat Cafe Local's complaints policy will follow if a solution is not found straight away. The complaint will be escalated through the complaints policy stages.


Chat Cafe Local cafes invite. Chat Cafe Local inspires, motivates, challenges people who are  suffering from loneliness and social isolation to leave their homes and accept their local cafe's invitation. Chat Cafe Local is not responsible for any member or any Chat Cafe Local badge wearer's, thoughts, words, actions, or deeds whilst wearing or not wearing Chat Cafe Local's name and branding.  Chat Clubs are hosted by volunteers, and in the case of emergency the cafe owners are fully responsible for customers of their cafes. Therefore Chat Cafe Local cannot be held liable for any of the aforementioned on any counts.

Become a Sponsor

Chat Cafe’s core value is that staff and members see, hear, and value each other equally, without judgement.

Chat Cafe values full respect, equal opportunities, connection, hopefulness, integrity, innovation, collaboration, community, teamwork, passion, gratitude and egoless fun. 

Chat Cafe values the grit, resilience, and creativity of members and staff.

Chat Cafe is fully committed to safe guarding vulnerable people (adults and children) and to maintaining an equal opportunity policy reflects Chat Cafe values. (Equal Opportunities and Safeguarding policies are available on

Staff and members of Chat Cafe value how we will all make a significant contribution in making the community a friendlier place.

The Chat Cafe approach values not only one goal or moment, but also the whole human being. By valuing and supporting members and one another Chat Cafe will uphold its values more effectively which in turn will help us work and serve members better.


Aims of Chat Cafe.

Chat Cafe aims to help people break free of Lockdown's loneliness epidemic.

Chat Cafe management aims to equip members with physical and psychological tools to prompt and inspire them to leave loneliness and their homes behind, within their own time frame.

Chat cafe staff and member’s aim to support each other whilst we all swap this state of overwhelming loneliness, to successful aloneness.

By default, Chat Cafe staff will trust everyone with ‘a tank full of trust.’

Written 4.2.2022  Anne Anderson founder of Chat  Cafe C. I. C.  Reviewable at any time.

Values and Aims

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