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  • Anne Anderson

Connecting chat clubbers.

Going to a cafe for a cuppa and a chat with a friend is the most normal thing to do; but if you don't have a friend, come to any one or many of our chat clubs and there you will find many.

Chat clubs are amazing, connecting people over the strangest of coincidences.

Here's some true stories I've witnessed.

A, aged mid 70's, brought out a pom pom from her purse and the student sitting next to her melted. Touching the pom pom brought back so many memories and an unbreakable bond began.

C was asked where she came from.'Morecambe' D melted by her side, as her dear aged mother at home came from Morecambe and as lots of stories were shared between them, her aged mother was brought back to life as D returned home and told her about her day.

P was desperate to republish her cookery books. J sat next to her one day. Hey presto! J is a professional hungry photographer who took great pleasure in snapping pictures of her dishes(and eating them afterwards) and not only have they been filmed on Benefits Britain, P's cookery book is about to be published.

K hadn't left home in 6 years. She came to chat club in April, now she is organising all the friends she has made for walks in the gardens, coffees mid week.

R and S began chatting and asking where each other lived, they live 4 doors away from each other and had both lived in the same street for over 20 years.

Widow's smile around chat tables whilst heaven glows.

This is what Chat Cafe Local chat clubs are all about.

Come along, it's free.

If you would like to know more, check out the website, read our notices, blogs, come along on one of our nature days out or just say hi at


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