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Create a New History

Loneliness robs us all of a smile. It takes you hostage inside your home. We try to be nice to it then hopefully it will go away and stop calling us names, binding our stomachs, locking us into chairs but let's remind ourselves that we were put on this planet at this particular time for a reason.

To be happy and healthy. To enjoy life.

So where do we start?

Everyone wants to change, but hardly anyone puts in the effort.

Start by a

Look in the mirror, practise your smile.

Write a few post-its of compliments you've received in your life.

Stick them to mirrors, cupboard doors, by your bed.

Write a 'gratitude' post it. Each night before you go to sleep write one sentence for one thing good that happened that day, which you are grateful for. (A minute's sunshine, a flower, a dog or cat walking by your window, peace to watch tv, money in the bank -you name it and be grateful for it.)

Don't look down at a pavement when walking outside. Look up and see beautiful pictures all around, painted just for you.

Touch a leaf, a tree, take your shoes off and stand on grass.

Set yourself a goal to get to a certain point in the road. It can or doesn't have to be chat club.

And when you return, do one thing different. Example - dry the dishes instead of leaving them, make your bed, eat less or more. You decide.

In one day you will have changed your history. In one week you will have made 7 goals and achieved 7 pats on the back (from yourself), in 7 months you will have changed over 210 lazy habits. In one year you will shine with gratitude, love being inside your own skin, belong with yourself and have created a new history. All that vice-like darkness will be lighter.

Go on! I dare you to try it.


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