• Anne Anderson

Loneliness is a choice-- or is it?

Relationships are foundational for language. What the heck does that mean?

If you have relationship, positive dialogue, emotional stabilty, emotional capacity to hear and translate language can grow. Body language can be read, and other's agendas will be recognised.

When all we have is texting, social media posting etc, NO ONE has the ability to relate rationally with this without relationship as foundation. it's just vocabulary entering you mind-fog.

However on a positive note, If your mind is telling you negative/bad/not worth enough stuff, it is actually telling you - I'm hungry - I NEED CONNECTION. It is well known that people who need love and belonging show it in the craziest of ways. (ask me about my sons and I's track-record)

You may not want connection but your body cries out for it. Loneliness is your body telling you. Humans were designed to be social. Tribes hunted together. Villages raised children.

In 2022 everything in our culture promotes individuality to the point where families are divided into transactional relationship speaking transactional language. Going outside the four walls of your mind will help you LISTEN TO TRUTH. This is your healing from loneliness. You will become empowered and centred with yourself.

Loneliness will heal.

Why do we need transformative relationship?

Lonely minds say 'it's ok alone, better than ...........................................

Basically we need to be around our tribe to hunt for our destiny.

We need connection, otherwise, we will get ill -mentally/physically or die from early death. Loneliness is a killer, it's well known that it leads to obesity, poor mobility, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, heart problems, smoking/drinking more, low self esteem, addiction, you name it and loneliness is probably at the core. If the NHS could treat loneliness, the hospital wards would be a lot emptier.

People are connecting with the Chat Cafe Local programme, by newsletter, by pin-badge, by chat clubs, by chat tables, by merchandise and soon we will be able to connect by live-chat for housebound members. Everyone is welcome to join to end this loneliness epidemic once and for all.

Join at chatcafelocal to receive your monthly newsletter.

It's free, just needs a bit of courage to join.

This blog was written by Anne Anderson who thought aloneness was the only way - defensively, for over 25 years.

Join others at a happy to chat table, or a chat club., but if just being amongst people is enough for now, come to one of our safe, welcoming, inviting cafes, all around Bournemouth Christchurch Poole Highcliffe, and in August - Ferndown and Wimborne.


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