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Monophobia. You what???

An end of life nurse stated that when people are at the end of their life they are asked if they have any regrets. The most repeated, common answer is,

'I was never myself.'

So that begs the question, who are we if we are not ourselves.

Today I learned about monophonia.

In simple terms, it is the fear of being alone.

But if we are not ourselves, why do we cling to people we would prefer not to? Why do we also have this common regret? Is it that since birth our culture has dictated that to be alone is sad, you are a Billy no mates, a weirdo.

I'm sitting here with myself, a single middle aged woman, in a restaurant in El Arenal Majorca and feel I belong. I have just ordered a special Spanish dinner, just for me and look what I got.

I never got judged. I got invited and included into a family and will sleep well tonight.(especially after 2 grappas)

I don't feel shame for being with myself, in fact from experience I will cite, I have been included in more parties, weddings and funerals (even the wrong funeral once) as a single, than anyone who is coupled up.

I believe if you have one friend you see one side of yourself, with 1000 friends, you see a 1000 sides of yourself. People ask 'Don't you get lonely travelling alone. ' My answers always the same. 'No, I make friends wherever I go.'

This sign in my current hotel sums up how I believe life is best lived.

However I did suffer monophonic for many many years but made a choice, to turn sad loneliness into productive singleness.

Let me know your thoughts.


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