• Anne Anderson

One breath away

Drenched in loneliness, I wait to sink

for a boat or

a ring


I’m at home sinking darker, deeper

and words

lead heavy words

reversing trucks - beeping self-hate

from people who I’ve never seen since 1970

or even know their surname, no,

they still judge

loud whispers, huge din

soul’s manna

so I hide in despair

ache to smile

sense another human

feel the stroke of a hand

or feather neck


Ugly I come through every pore

every step should not be taken

every wasted ounce of electric

for I shouldn’t exist

No one misses

no one knocks or

calls or texts

LI'm living a life of dead

chat club shouts, from doctors, posters, badges on streets

breathes song and challenges - open that stupid door

for wind of the face, rain on this pelt

the most hated -

how will I ever belong?

Just, come along! Like jam and bread

I’ll go for my own reasons because I need out of this head

The lady waves through the window and tells me her name, I

forgot it as life trembles but her smile remains.

I escaped to buy coffee

and it met me once again, by another; another lady who asked my name,

I said it out-loud. I existed again. I drank coffee and listened as someone asked ‘How

was I again?’

I began chatting and heard my throaty word. My breath wasn’t toxin, it comforted those.

That’s all history now, I go out every day, shopping, walking, sometimes to chat club just to say ‘Hay.’


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