• Anne Anderson

Scarcity or Gratitude.

In Lockdown, the government told everyone to 'stay home.'

After Lockdown, they said - 'you can go out now.'

Some people conformed, some not.

Today hundreds of thousands of our neighbours don’t leave home.

For people who receive news about Chat Cafe Local, some deny the invite, but for hundreds more, daily, they click the website's link and are moving from DENIAL to pre-contemplation. This psychological process is called the Stages of Change (these stages are similar to giving up an addiction). By becoming a member 684 have moved from PRE-CONTEMPLATION to CONTEMPLATION then ACTION at Chat Clubs.

For the members who continue to come, they build confidence -they have reached the action stage.

After coming to chat clubs people recover from loneliness/social isolation/social exclusion, they learn how to manage daily life, gain confidence, meet like-minded people, make friends and move into their futures.

Now people are building Post Lockdown futures, whilst grieving for their old Pre-Lockdown life.

Brene Brown states: Fear and scarcity is controlling us right now.

But GRATITUDE overcomes scarcity. Viktor Frankl was in Aushwitz, after 3 gruelling years he was about to surrender to death, he saw a bird with a fleck of colour - he pledged that in the grey there is always colour - he would live.

Try remaining frightened of the future as you say - thankyou, I've had a lovely time at chat club.

Gratitude is the first lesson as addicts flip their stinking thinking lives. Whilst being grateful for a little, fear and scarcity becomes future richness. By not staying locked into carrying loneliness' weight - you move into freedom.

You begin creating a new history too.

Whilst living a grateful life, being in the beautiful present moment becomes easier, you look outside yourself not in, fear subsides, sleep becomes easier, anxiety lessens, people gravitate towards you. Metaphorical doors and opportunities open up to you.


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