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Tiptoe through the tulips.

Updated: Jan 21

The tulips have gone, then we had snow. Covid came, left, and people are still desperate to come out but are locked in. Is this irony?

At Chat clubs there's no irony. There's no need to be frightened of saying hi. Everybody at chat club has had their first time and they are waiting to welcome you. We love seeing new faces, finding out who we live besides. It's wonderful and we love sharing our smiles too. People say they are infectious and our energy, endearing. It's because we care, care about you and want you to feel happier too.

Everyone's felt the depths and despair of lonelinesss saddle, but for five minutes, they've popped in to just say hi. You can too. No pressure. Some people have stayed because they had seen our faces on facebook and felt included before they even met us. Some haven't as it's enough just to make it to the Cafe, but they have always returned the following week, not so nervous. I meet some in the carpark due to anxiety. Everyone is different but when they leave the club they are all the same, smiling and belonging again.

I'm going to let you into a secret and every chat clubber will agree. It only takes a minute to settle in, and in no time people are introducing themselves, sharing, and love having someone new to share their day with.

Remember when we used to leave our doors open, chat to one neighbour after the other. Tell our stories over and over again, we never felt depressed or lonely, did we? That's what Chat clubs are all about today. To lift depression, talk and get renewed through a chat chat chat. Companionship brings a lot of us back to life.

Lets look how they do aloneness and coffee in Japan.

Remember we have 31 cafes inviting you and 10 host Chat clubs.

There is no shame in feeling loneliness, no ., no abnormality because everyone around the world has felt it this last couple of years.

Bournemouth pier had a flashing sign stating STAY At HOME we are smiling and saying. COME TO CHAT CLUB IT'S FUN.

We can't wait to meet you.


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