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  • Anne Anderson

Visa Versa

Locked in, too frightened to feel safe outdoors,

Booted out, too frightened to feel safe indoors.

Ask any teenager who hides behind a screen, ask any nagging parent, ask a net curtain flipper and they will unknowingly shrug their shoulders as to the reasons why .

That's why Chat Cafe Local offers this back to normal programme. Step by step it's the visa vers opposite of what a homeless person has to do to achieve resettlement.


Homeless Housed, too frightened to go out

Rehab offered TV tells one story, CCL shows another

Takes food, again and again Advertising, leaflets, badges, hope given

Over and over


Debates trust Debates trust/making changes

Connects with Adult care services Wants to do something normal, not i ................... institututional

Housed in temporary


Joins on

Practises boundaries around belongings Get's a sense of belonging, starts to value

Values self begins brainstorming, making routine

Looks for a purpose to life, begins brainstorm changes

Talks and share about addiction/bad habits

Seeks support


Applies for housing Makes a plan to come

Get's benefits sorted out fails

Views properties retries, comes, makes friends gradually

With safe friends, and hope, trusts begins to trust one day at a time

one day at a time begins to take numbers, volunteer, make

Get's housed, furniture/cutlery, bed, roof, private group plans

learning to not live in fear Goes outdoors risk assessing and ................................................... stomping on fear.


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