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Spring Time on Winton Rec, Bournemouth

Winter's finally finished.

This is not a freak spring in January, but a real spring time festival of crocus, daffodils and snowdrops all around, the only thing that's missing this year are people.

Thousands upon thousands of people are still locked-in their homes even though Lockdown finished a long time ago. People who are going out can physically see others risk assessing new people as they approach, but that is normal behaviour now. People arn't crashing into each other whilst using mobile phones, nor are they blanking each other. Everyone is begining to look around and make eye contact and say, hi.

For us Chat Cafe Local members we will be the ones that are more than willing to offer a smile, receive a smile from another member, as our discreet pin badges do the job of a smile and outstretched hand.

So the time has come where we should start thinking of going out, smelling spring's scent, standing tall as if crocuses and enjoying the morning light and windows not dripping in condensation.

It is time to begin to live again, to smile again. Last week I challenged you to practise your smile in the mirror, this week I'd like others to see it. Stand by your front door, gate - give a little smile or a hand flicking wave and just watch how much friendlier people have become since lockdown lifted. People need people. Go on,

I dare you.

I'd love you to visit the Chat Cafe Local in the middle of Winton Recreation Ground, Carole invites you every day 9 to 3. You can take your kids and dogs and if you like you can play board games, join the arts and crafts club on a Friday. It has such a lovely ambiance and delicious homemade food too.

Week 2 statistics

Memberships have increased by 1000% over the past 10 days, 93 new members have attended chat clubs in 9 days. MPs from other Dorset, Hampshire councils are requesting Chat Cafe Local but it is impossible on my own. I have applied for Charity Status so we can spread the love and hope of Chat Cafe Local.

Whilst I remember we have a new members system at chatcafelocal, If you haven't become a member yet, please sign up on this website.


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