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Chat Cafe Local is tackling this loneliness epidemic with actions over words.

Our aim is to inspire, motivate and challenge everyone to leave home and loneliness  behind,  then come to a cafe or chat club and make fresh friends  for forever.

About Us

We are the Happy to Chat, chat club people, who invite, inspire, challenge you to join in with our stepping-stone loneliness recovery programme, because we want you returning to post-lockdown life with confidence and better mental health.

For some this journey might begin in an armchair reading our flyer or monthly newsletter. For others it might be, taking a big gulp of courage to get  out of the house, or maybe another gulp to get you over the first few steps of a friendly chat club cafe's threshold. 

Try not to worry. Our  lovely friendly local volunteers will be looking for you.  They will get you a seat, introduce you to the group, it may be big, it may be a small group,  but what I know for sure is, in moments you'll settle and know that you are safe, amongst nice people and are seen, heard and valued.

This is the easiest way to make friendships, heal from loneliness, get a free Happy to Chat pin-badge, and a seat amongst empathetic, kind souls of all ages and backgrounds, who like you, want to belong too.

Birds need  birds for safety.
Fish need fish to shelter,
people need people to survive.

Loneliness can lead to early death, heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, crime, illnesses.
It has the same effect on the body as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

If you are feeling lonely, it is your body's way of telling you 'You need human connection.'



Chat Clubs usually average about 10 - 15 attendees, so there are lots of new faces to talk to and hear new stories.

There are 3 types of loneliness.
When you are alone?
Or in a relationship?
Or in a crowd?

What's yours?

Chat Clubs are Free, just buy your own drink.

Everyone get's a free Happy to Chat pinbadge.


Chat Club Timetables

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'Make your own chat group.' by popping into one of the listed cafes and the cafe owners will introduce you to other Happy to Chat chatters. Be warned - you may be first or third. Bring a book or your phone for just in case.


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Chat Cafe CIO would love to be funded by member donations who are benefitting from this programme. If you can donate a little of your treasure this will go a long way in supporting this programme to go nationwide.

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Our supporters

Chat Cafe CIO is a registered charity Registration number 1200261

Trustees S M Arnold, J D  Sparks, A C Boseley

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