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We are tackling this loneliness epidemic with actions over words.

Our aim is to inspire, motivate and challenge everyone, in many ways, to leave loneliness and its lifestyle behind.

About Us

Chat Cafe Local launched on 22.2.2022 in 27 friendly, safe, local cafes all over Bournemouth, Christchurch, Poole. Then planted more in Highcliffe, Ferndown and Wimborne with DROP IN and  CHAT CLUB programmes. CCL helps others to help themselves out of loneliness and social isolation. It's aim is to spread the Happy to Chat virus nationwide, so members belong;  feel happier, healthier physically/mentally, make better choices, leave home, build social connections, and the three types of  loneliness become manageable, as structure builds.

There is an invitation six days a week to plan, prepare, motivate yourself and have a reason to get out of the house. (check below)


Pin badges displaying our friendly logo are being worn and spreading the message 'happy to chat'  freely by members.  Yellow Buses are further distributing (a bit different) badges to non- chat club - members to enable friendly chats elsewhere.

Chat Clubs usually average about 10 attendees, so there are lots of new faces to talk to and hear new stories.


Due to low update Roxy's chat club has now

been closed and instead we host chat club

in Haskins, Longham, Ferndown.

Drop-in to one of our DROP -IN local cafes on the yellow list and maybe meet someone who wants to talk, or  just have some company. It's good to take a book or your phone, just in case you are the first to arrive at the 'happy to chat' table.

The main idea is, that you know where you can go that is open, make a plan when you go in the staff will  see, hear and value you. When you tell them you are from Chat Cafe Local they will give you a happy to chat pin-badge for next time.


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To purchase a pin-badge from afar please subscribe with home  address and make a donation for postage etc.

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